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Personal care products are essential in your daily life. Whether you are needing bath safety products, bed safety products, reusable bed pads, diabetic supplies, blood pressure machines, wound care, or gowns and slippers, TruMotion Medical has everything you need to feel comfortable and safe. When it comes to your health and safety, no one should feel insecure. Contact your at home medical experts at TruMotion Medical today for more information on our personal care products.


Personal Care Products

We carry a wide variety of personal care products at TruMotion Medical, located in Central Arkansas. Our job is to focus on the health and safety of our clients as they try to resume their normal life. At TruMotion Medical, we only carry the best personal care product brands and equipment to ensure that our customers feel safe at home.

Being able to complete everyday activities such as going to the restroom or taking a bath should not be an issue of safety. However, for many people it is. Regardless of age, a slip or fall can be a devastating event, which can leave a drastic affect on the quality of an individual’s life. The importance of bath safety is even more imperative if you suffer from arthritis, limited mobility or chronic joint pain. If you have one of these conditions you may benefit from having bathroom assistance and safety accessories in your home.

Patients who have problems with memory, sleeping, incontinence, pain, uncontrolled body movement, or who get out of bed and walk unsafely without assistance, must be carefully assessed for the best ways to keep them from harm, such as falling

Reusable waterproof sheeting offers complete protection for bedding, mattresses and chairs. These reusable bed pads have flaps to minimize sliding. These moderate absorbent underpads are reusable, waterproof and lock in moisture to help keep beds dry.

Diabetic supplies offered at TruMotion Medical consist of the needles, pumps, and other machines that are routinely used to check insulin.

Blood Pressure supplies offered at TruMotion Medical consist of the needles, pumps, and other machines that are routinely used to check and help regulate blood pressure.

Wounds grow more and more common as one gets older. Having the proper wound care treatment options are essential to keep around your house. From dressings to strips to bandages and more, we have everything you are looking for in your wound care kit at TruMotion Medical.

We have several gown and slipper options at TruMotion Medical when you are looking to bring more comfort and ease to your home life.

Attends Incontinence Briefs feature advanced absorbent core technologies to lock in wetness for ultimate dryness and comfort. Attends uses a target layer of Advanced Absorbent Material to swiftly pull wetness away from the skin and lock it into the core. This unique design provides trusted performance and protection so you can forget about wetness and leaks. Attends offer many styles including gender discreet options, minor and major bowel leakage options as well as day/night extended wear options.

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