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A chair lift or lift chair is designed to rise and tilt forward when someone wants to sit or stand. This alleviates the issue of bending down low enough to reach the seat or having enough stamina to push off to stand up. Once the user is seated and comfortable, a button is pushed to lower the seat down to a normal position. While all chair lifts serve the same basic purpose, there are different types to accommodate different needs.
lift chairs

Besides making getting in and out of a chair easier, there are other benefits to having a chair lift.

Therapeutic benefits.

Many chairs have the option to add massage or heat therapy. These can greatly benefit those with stiff joints or muscles. They can feel more relaxed by just turning on the control in their chair.

Makes activities more comfortable.

Whether you’re watching TV, reading, or using the computer, you can adjust your chair to make any activity more comfortable.

Increased circulation.

A chair lift can come in handy for those who need to keep their legs elevated due to circulation issues. No need to sit on the coach with a pillow propping up your leg.

Provides a sleeping option.

If someone lives in a two-level house where the bedrooms are upstairs, having a chair lift that reclines flat gives them the option of sleeping comfortably if they can’t make the stairs.

As the name suggests, these chairs can only go in two positions. These chairs can recline slightly or tilt forward.



These chairs can go in both positions as the two-position chair (recline or tilt-forward) and can also lay back completely flat for sleeping.

These chairs do everything the three-position chairs do but also come with independent leg movement. This allows the chair to go in an unlimited number of positions, thus the name infinite.

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